Dead End Cruzers

The founder, Paul Degener, belonged to one of the area’s largest and most profitable car clubs. He found himself attending meeting after meeting, taking part in the decisions on the distribution of profits the club brought in, and being in the middle of all the complications of a large incorporated organization.

Paul Degener entertained a vision where the “show”manship of cars preceded all else. The only requirement of the club was to gather together and “show” individual vehicles as a group . . . united in one purpose only – the purpose of owning a “classic,” an “original,” a “works in progress” car and/or customized “hot” rods. It was at that time, a new vision was borne – The establishing of the Dead End Cruizers. Paul found people, car enthusiasts, who shared his “real” love of cars. He gathered people and talked about their vehicles instead of listening to a regulated meeting agenda. He wanted to know about achievements instead of deciding where club profits would be distributed. The members should be proud of their endeavors; and, he wanted them to be people who love driving their cars – just like he does! Paul remembers when the club started out not too long ago at a local K-Mart’s parking lot in Albany New York with six members and their cars. They were passionate about their cars – just like Paul. They were infatuated with their vehicles, other fellow members’ vehicles and other show cars. There are antiques, classics, steel, plastic/fiberglass and stock road vehicles as well as hot rods in our club. It’s like a ‘melting pot’ of automobiles – and owners. Since that first idea, membership has increased annually. . . . And, why not? This web site is presented to you as the information “vehicle” to Paul’s vision. You will find a listing of our members, photos of their hard work and unique creativeness, also up-to-date car cruises, shows and swap meets in the area surrounding the Capital District and beyond. We will bring you the events of the Dead End Cruizers through photographs and news articles, articles written by members, the WebMaster/Editor, a Q and A section, a Want Ad and For Sale page [when warranted], special offers we heard about or are offering and links to club events associated with and parallel to our interests. We will bring you members’ cars up front and personal from month to month.