DJ John


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Dj John has been playing music and entertaining for over 20 years and has maintained a busy schedule all by word of mouth. Dj John uses the most modern in technology to have a bottomless archive of music for all age groups. Dj John specializes in all occasions and brings a professional appearance and attitude to your event each and every time. He has a passion for the golden age of rock and roll and spends alot of time in the warm months entertaining at car shows with his 17′ bright orange rolling jukebox. His dj trailer allows for a quick and effortless setup and teardown at car shows and allows him to entertain in all environments including rain. Dj John has the tools to help car show organizers with advertising and boosting attendance prior to the event. During event you will find Dj John entertaining your guests with one of the best sounding systems in the area while keeping the speakers above ear level on top of his trailer to prevent people from being blasted by them and creating a more pleasant atmosphere for all.

New for the 2018 season, Dj John now has a wireless speaker system. He can cover very large areas with sound enforcement without an extreme high volume in one localized area.

Book your wedding, party, car show etc today and mention to receive a $50 discount on dj services. Offer does not include long distance travel.